Cassie Latshaw

Cassie Latshaw is a singer-songwriter from the okie-est of roots. Raised on her grandparents’ exotic animal farm, this monkey girl from Bristow has evolved into a badass musical mama who unnamed sources have described as “pretty good” and “the chick with the big hair.”

Cassie has described her sound as a folksy, bluesy, country-ish, Americana-esque, rock-like cornucopia of passionate feminine sound. A singer for over 20 years, Cassie has added a chordstick to her bag of tricks, and a bunch of really really talented musical friends.

By day, Cassie shares her life experience and sweet handmade songs. By night, though, her siren-like voice will thrust your ship into jagged rocks as she soulfully wails with her band, Swan Lake Gentleman’s Society.

Her debut album as a solo performer was released in late 2017. Titled, “Guinevere,” after her trusty chordstick steed of the same name, this album birthed a fire inside that has since consumed every creative fiber and pinpointed where happiness resides within her. In this spirit, Cassie’s new album, “Memoirs of a Monkey Girl” will slap your face in the most neighborly way and melt every heart string that binds you.