Chloe-Beth is holding a bouquet of flowers, looking to the left of the screen. Her hair is brown and wavy, eyes are blue-green.“An unstoppable voice, subtle when it needs to be, quiet just at the right moment and as powerful as a prairie thunderstorm when it’s called for. A bright light indeed.”Rick Reiley

Chloe-Beth is a singer/songwriter with a voice you have to hear to believe. A little bit indie-rock with a hint of Oklahoma twang, her songs, vocals and performances are commonly described as a force of nature.

“Chloe Beth is a force to be reckoned with. She’s genuine, driven, wise beyond her years and one of the most impressive young artists I’ve seen.” – Amy Carlin Lee, And Then There Were Two

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see one of Chloe-Beth’s performances have witnessed that force within. This young and vibrant singer/songwriter is able to reach inside and express herself through her lyrics, weaving tales of love, life, and laughter with simple melodies. Her voice is pure, strong and beautiful just like her soul.

A born entertainer, Chloe-Beth began singing almost from the time she could speak. Her musical roots and love of lyric and rhyme can be traced back to her early childhood. “Music was always in the house -it was ingrained in me, and because of my mom’s influence I was always in-tune to music,” Chloe-Beth says.

In 2018, Chloe-Beth found herself sharing the stage with many of those same artists at notable events such as Women of WoodyFest and the renowned Woody Guthrie Festival.
Also in 2018, Chloe-Beth released her first full-length album, Remnant. With the help of her friends, she was able to create a debut album to be proud of. Chloe-Beth’s unique vocals, style and grace lure listeners to want to hear her again and again.

“Chloe-Beth Campbell is the one to watch. With powerhouse vocals and beautifully controlled dynamics, she delivers songs embodied with strength, hope, and independence that chronicle her journey through life. Each one, giving us a small glimpse into the amazing artist and human she is. I, for one, cannot look away. I’d hate to miss what the future holds for her.” — Melissa Hembree, Singer/Songwriter – Melissa Hembree and Whiskey Union