Eli Fox

Artists have various ways of sourcing their sound. It can be intuitive, inspired, or a combination of both. In Eli Fox’s case, his creative instincts spring from a myriad of sources, making for an imaginative approach that reflects foresight, astute observation and a determination to make music that can consistently create an emphatic impression. With two albums and his upbeat and expressive new single, “A Pretty Woman’s Like a Rainbow Trout,” Eli’s demonstrated his ability to nod to past precepts while sharing a sound that’s vital, compelling and flush with melodies that resonate in ways that are both striking and stirring. Songs such as “Cry For Freedom and “Thinkin’ Too Much,” both culled from his 2019 offering Or Something Like That, or “How Ya Doin’ Little Sadie, found on his debut, Tall Tales LP, provide striking examples of the wit and whimsy that’s a consistent mark of his music.

A young man with an ageless soul, Eli embarked on his career while still in his teens. Citing such influences as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show and John Hartford, he’s a gifted multi-instrumentalist, adept at guitar, pedal steel, banjo and of course, an expressive singing voice that conveys both passion and purpose. Humble to a fault, he draws on a decided reverence for tradition while still tapping into a sound that’s timeless and, in fact, relevant to today’s circumstances and environs.

In the process of conveying his craft, Eli’s become one of East Tennessee’s favorite musical sons, having shared stages with the likes of Darrell Scott, John McCutcheon, Boy Named Banjo, Will Carter, Emily Ann Roberts, and Trisha Jean Brady. His down-home delivery, good-natured attitude and effortlessly engaging approach have garnered him legions of fans who easily relate to both his music and his mantra.