Guthrie Girls

Photo by Sean Mathis

Sarah Lee & Cathy Guthrie join as the Guthrie Girls!

Sarah Lee Guthrie’s lineage is undeniable. But if you close your eyes and forget that her last name is synonymous with the river-legacy of a widening current of American folk music, you’d still be drawn to the clarity and soul behind her voice. There is a gentle urgency to her interpretations of the songs she sings and the classic music of her heritage. It flows from the continuity of her family, her vital artistic life today and the river of songs that have guided her to where she now stands.

Cathy Guthrie is one of Arlo’s daughters and a self-described “musical holdout” among her family members. Acknowledging the musical momentum perpetrated by her family line, however, she eventually joined forces with her friend Amy Nelson (Willie’s daughter) to form a guitar-and-ukulele-driven folk duo called Folk Uke.