Guthrie Girls

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Here Come the Guthrie Girls! People get ready, a new train is coming. After years of supporting Arlo Guthrie, their folk-singing, guitar-picking, storytelling father, Cathy and Sarah Lee Guthrie have made their way to center stage as the Guthrie Girls. They bring new songs and stories of their own to share in a style of music that leans toward country with folk roots. They carry the same melodic wit, charm, and insight as their famous kin and their new music is a continuous river that flows from great creative musical traditions. Back in the day it was Woody who played fiddle and guitar in the honky-tonks of the Panhandle in Texas and Arlo wasn’t known as the ‘Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys’ for nothing. His ‘Son of the Wind’ and Dillards sessions offer further evidence of the folksinger’s country credentials.

The Guthrie Girls have branded a sound all their own that belongs alongside the best of today’s Americana music. They have planted their new roots in the Lone Star state of Texas and deep in the heart of the Austin’s Americana & alt-country music scene. Austin is the land of singer-songwriter Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt and Nanci Griffith. Today, Cathy and Sarah Lee are outlaws in their own right as they shake up their folk music pedigree with harmony driven country-laced songs and a band that is worthy of their origins.

It is certain, these sisters known as Guthrie Girls are bound for some glory of their own.