Miss Brown to You

photo by Amanda Thomas
Music has power. What is it about pitches and rhythm, harmony, dynamics and lyrics that so entrance human attention? Your mother sang you to sleep, your wedding had to have a band, you need thrumming rock and roll to keep you awake driving, you need music to ease your troubles, to make you travel miles to sit in the dust and heat with thousands of strangers. To inspire you to work, to worship. To Wonder.

Miss Brown to You is Louise Goldberg, keyboard and vocals, Mary Reynolds, guitar and vocals. We do jazz, country, folk, blues, classical and original music that sometimes doesn’t easily drop into a genre. But in all of this, we’re looking to engage the power of music to transform the human moment.

Miss Brown to You has been a mainstay in the Central Oklahoma Music scene for three decades, not only in their current form as a jazz band, but in many other notorious groups and projects. Louise Goldberg is a formidable pianist and composer while Mary Reynolds is also a riveting vocalist. They play jazz, country, folk, blues, classical and original music.