Paul Burch

For more than two decades Paul Burch has blended an indie rock ethos with a personal vision of roots music that has attracted fans and collaborators across generations. Entertainment Weekly has described him as a “modern day Jimmie Rodgers” and Pop Matters called Burch “one of the best damn songwriters operating today.”

Burch’s new album Light Sensitive was produced with GRAMMY winner Dennis Crouch and features his longtime band the WPA Ballclub with multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin along with guests Robyn Hitchcock, Amy Rigby, and Luther Dickinson.

Peter Guralnick, author of biographies of Sam Phillips, Elvis Presley, and Sam Cooke, wrote about PB & WPA Ballclub for the album Still Your Man:

“I’m a Paul Burch fan.
How could I not be?

How many other contemporary artists have forged a body of work of such cleverness and coherence, careful craftsmanship and white-hot heat, with all the zeal of the most dedicated student and all the passion of a true original?

It’s different every night, but it never fails to achieve its purpose, what Sun Records founder Sam Phillips has deemed the unequivocal purpose of every kind of music: to lift up, to deepen, to intensify the spirit of audience and musicians alike. Listen to the music. Every time it offers the possibility that this may be the best one yet.”