Tim Easton

It’s so clearly obvious when an artist writes their own bio in the third person.

Here’s me talking about me: I am from Ohio. Today, I live in Tennessee. I am a hard worker. I wasn’t always, but these days it is pretty safe to say that I like to travel and play songs for people all the time.

I’ve crossed a lot of miles since my last Woodyfest, a gathering that I am very proud to attend ever since Jimmy Lafave introduced me to the many good friends who gather in Okemah every year. I have over ten records out by now, several are on vinyl as well, and my last album was actually made in the Okfuskee County Museum in the very room where the artists sell their merch at Woodyfest.

I also toured across all of Russia in 2019 and distributed Woody Guthrie stickers to the people there. I wrote a book about it called “FOLK COLLUSION” that comes with an album I recorded while traveling there. I wish you well, and hope that we can hang out sometime.

Peace. Tim E.