2017 Sponsorship and Advertising

Greetings from Okemah, Oklahoma, birthplace of Woody Guthrie!

The Woody Guthrie Coalition would like to thank you for your consideration supporting the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. Enclosed is information concerning various advertising and sponsorship opportunities offered by the 20th Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival – a festival which has attracted attendees from all across this great country and around the world! In 2014 we had participants from 32 states and 17 foreign countries - Woody’s influence runs deep and wide!

The Woody Guthrie Coalition, Inc., the managing organization for the festival, is a totally volunteer board; this event has not been driven by profits, just sustainability – we are all about the music. Over the years we have managed to cover expenses through fund-raisers and corporate support in addition to an annual grant through the Oklahoma Arts Council. The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival is currently facing the most challenging funding circumstance since our inception in 1997. We have faced extraordinary financial pressure for the past few years and our historic free admission changed to a charged event. We are pushing hard to keep this an affordable event as open as possible exposing every income strata to world renowned singer/songwriters honoring Woody Guthrie and his philosophies.

The information below covers a wide range of advertising and sponsorship possibilities to meet your needs. We hope you will consider being part of our festival family and would be happy to send copies of our promotional materials upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have questions, feel free to contact us. I look forward to seeing you out and about at the festival … Walking Woody’s Road!

Yours in Music,

John Robertson
Woody Guthrie Coalition, Inc.

2017 Sponsorship and Advertising (pdf)