Children’s Programming

In the spirit of wonder and discovery, simplicity and charm, Woody Guthrie’s emphasis on children’s music gives the impression that he truly understood the mind of a child. Join several songwriters as they invite families and children to participate in lively, interactive music showcases, meant to inspire and entertain!

With the help of attending musicians, we invite children of all ages to attend our Children’s Concerts!

In 2017, we introduced a new Children’s Workshop hosted by Lauren Lee! Aspiring songwriters age 10 and older are invited to join Woody’s Kids – a youth event that will feature songwriting workshops, and an open mic! Lauren hopes that this event will give young emerging folk artists a chance to take their musical and writing skills to the next level. Learn from the best and show off your passion that will inspire Woody’s Kids to keep the legacy alive.

Stay tuned for more information about 2018 Children & Youth Programming!