2018 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place:
Claudia Gibson, Wimberly, Texas
2nd place:
“Remember Who We Are”
Charlie Mosbrook, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
3rd place:
“On the Wings of a Song”
Robert Thatcher & Tom Brown, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
Honorable Mention
“Walking Each Other Back Home”, Ben Bochner
“One Horse Town”, Randy Brown
“Voices of the Past”, Violet Vonder Haar
“Storm on Fire”, David Hakan
“A Hard Road Digging That Coal”, Kevin Hale
“Nostalgia”, Chris LaVancher
“Everything will be alright”, Joel Mosman
“Last Anti-War Song”, Jim Newsom
“I Need a Job”, Sam Steffan
“Photographs”, Patrice Webb

2017 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place:
“No One Can Destroy a Song”
Beau Jennings, Norman, Oklahoma

2nd place:
“Letter to Woody”
Joel T. Mosman, Guthrie, Oklahoma

3rd place:
“We Got a Boat”
Dave Richardson, Windsor, Vermont

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):
“Oklahoma Sunrise” – Peter Ericson
“Pretty” – Riley Curnutt
“Broken Man” -Don Altman
“Woody’s Shoes” -Rob McHale
“Fossil Fuel Fascists” -Brad Lauretti
“Calico Jack” -Thomas Garlow
“Rosa” -Robyn Landis
“Fickle Heart” -Ira Wolf
“Chasin My Headlights Again” -Hank Woji
“Fellow Travelers” -Mike Glick
“Lonesome Pine Company” -Meadows Brothers
“Save Me From Myself” -Bailey Gilbert
“Lost and Found” -Nadia Thomas
“Young” -Travis Chaney
“The Wrong Thing” -RaShelle Myra – Nina DeVitry
“Would I be Welcome” -Tom Brown – Robert Thatcher

2016 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place:
“The American Dream”
Jared Deck (co-written by Wes Sharon), Weatherford, Oklahoma

2nd place:
Mike Laureanno (co-written by Michael Troy), Providence, Rhode Island

3rd place:
Alan Chapman, Decatur, Texas

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):
“Marie” – Noah Rauchwerk, Brooklyn, New York
“The Colors of Travelin’ Songs” – Mike Oberst, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Ode to Oklahoma” Bobbi Castor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“The More Things Change” – Amy Coffman, Amarillo, Texas
“Tulsa Take Me Back” – Andrea Turner, Jenks, Oklahoma
“U.S. Government Drone” – Eric Neill, Lindsay, Oklahoma
“Niagara Street” – Noah and Dan Rauchwerk, Brooklyn, New York
“Wrong Side of the Night” – Jared Deck, Weatherford, Oklahoma
“Mother Earth” – Rob McHale, Statesville, North Carolina
“King of My World” – Steve Brooks, Austin, Texas
“Falling Man” – Randy Brown, Mineola, Texas
“Daily Wages” – Robert Ray, Pontotoc, Mississippi
“For Ambrose Bierce” – Andrew Cullen, Norman, Oklahoma
“Together We Cannot Be Ignored” – Sarah Geis and Timothy Scott, Charlotte, North Carolina

2015 Songwriting Contest Winners

1st place:
“Northern White”
Jane Fallon, Brookline, NH

2nd place:
“When the Water is Gone”
Rob McHale, Statesville, NC

3rd place:
“Lost Highway”
Maggie Vogts, Erie, KS

Honorable Mention:
“Unusually Blessed” – Jared Deck, Weatherford, OK
“The Naturalist” – Amy Williamson, St. Louis, MO
“Indian Joe” – Stephan R. Coffee, Falls Church, VA
“Grandma’s Mandolin” – Rudi Harst, San Antonio, TX
“The Sparrow” – Randy Brown, Mineola, TX
“Never Seen the Rain” – Grant Maloy Smith, Wakefield, RI
“Bittersweet Rubbish” – S. Fae Wiedenhoeft, Bothell, WA
“Lucky Penny” – Darden Pierce, Oklahoma City, OK
“Misery and Gold” – Larry Martin-John Williams, Amarillo, TX
“Nowhere Else to Go” – Patrice Webb, Kooteri, ID
“It All Falls Away” – Rene Janiece, Jaroso, CO
“Everybody’s Gonna be Poor” – Joe Wrabek, Garibaldi, OR
“Grade ‘A’ Fancy” – Anne Williamson-Colleen Williamson, St. Louis, MO
“Woody We Need You Now” – Michael Henchman, Vancouver, WA
“Thistles and Weeds” – Robert Alder, Ft. Smith, AR