And Then There Were Two

And Then There Were Two is an original, multi-genre influenced, acoustic Americana/Red Dirt trio (sometimes 4 or 5 piece) band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Harmony-based and lyrically driven. Familiar, danceable and catchy story telling, leaving the audience with an uplifted “feel good” vibe. Raised on multiple styles of music, each member brings a unique flare to the overall sound, bringing together an entertaining and memorable show from beginning to end.  All seasoned musicians, the core of the band is made up of Amy Carlin Lee, Austin K. Haworth and Chad Varnell. Chad and Austin have played in numerous bands together over the years. Amy, a classically trained singer-songwriter, was introduced to Austin through a mutual friend at someone else’s acoustic show. The three came together in August of 2015, launched their first album in 2017 and are in the process of writing the second. As artists we are pulled between the call of life’s responsibility and a drive to share our passion. We pull back the veil giving people the opportunity to see our deepest and most private experiences and it extends them a chance to share in that or relate it to their own lives. When you share something that deep it creates a profound energy that moves through the music to the audience and back again.