Susan Herndon

Susan Herndon and the Bella Counsel is Bob French on lead guitar, mandolin, dobro, and fiddle, Randall Coyne on drums and percussion, Steve Murf Murphy on keyboard and melodica, Mike Carter on saxophone, Sean Richards on trumpet, Wess McMichael on lead guitar, and Susan on guitar, bass, and vocals.

Pre-pandemic, the Bella Counsel enjoyed playing their Happy Happy Hour every Thursday at Bison Witches in Norman, Oklahoma; and ever since the pandemic, Susan has continued her FIGHTING THE FORCES OF EVIL HAPPY HOUR, now in its 3rd year, albeit virtually on Facebook Live every Friday!

Look for a brand new Bella Counsel album which is soon-to-be-released, as well as Susan’s 10th new and pre-apocalyptic album entitled 2020 VISION which was released just this Spring.

Susan and the Bella Counsel thank WoodyFest and wish for everyone to remain safe and healthy and strong through these very trying times.