Adam Amram

Gordon Mckinney is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma. He weaves stories of heartache, love, loss and hope with layers of delicate finger picking, self deprecating humour and vulnerability into a picture that is our combined experience. His songs read, sound and feel like our most secret of diary entries.

Gordon’s partner, choreographer and dancer Heather Burns, has created several movements for some of his songs that captivate audiences with her grace and poise and allow them to experience the songs through movement. 

Together, both in life and in performance, they are seeking to open their hearts as wide as love allows. You’re invited in.

“The man[Gordon McKinney] is laying his soul bare so the rest of us can know we’re not alone. It’s not just great music. It’s a deeper act of courage than our ears have a right to hear”
— Jason Krena

“Sublime. Beautiful. Ethereal”
— Anthony Lomas

“Beautiful images and great metaphors.”
- Paul Dyer