Adam Amram

Gypsy Twang was established in 2009. Current members include Sarah Barker Huhn (lead vocals, guitar), Steve Huhn (upright bass), John Williams (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), and Kurt ‘Frenchie’ Neilsen (mandolin, tenor guitar). John and Sarah deliver vocals, often as duets, as well as writing original Okie songs with Gypsy soul for the band. We also pay homage to our roots, rendering folk songs from heroes like Woody Guthrie, tunes written by friends in the Red Dirt scene, and the occasional classic country number.

After ten long years, we’re finally back in the studio. We’ve been hard at work on a couple of new albums showcasing songs written by John and Sarah, as well as a few carefully curated cover songs.

We’ve all been attending the Woody Guthrie Festival since its inception. Deep respect for Woody and his philosophy paired with a love for campground picking keep us coming back year after year. Listening to both traditional folk and our fellow musicians’ take on modern times never grows old. It’s a great honor to be granted stage time at this festival we hold so dear. Come hang with the Twang!”